Septimus Heap Series Book #1 – Magic

I’m a gigantic Sci-Fi/fantasy book reader!  I love out-of-this-world stories that deal with dragons, faeries, and spaceships!  Magic or an element thereof has to be present in my Fantasy novels, and transient beings looking for a home be it in a spaceship or a horse and cart.  Also, some bit of a love story has to be present as well. It’s just to be said that I love fantasy, but that wasn’t always the case.  When I first got into fantasy, it was my Junior year in high school, everything about fantasy before then was scoffed at for its inability to face reality (then again I was reading ALOT of paranormal/Vampire books at the time).  My life changed when I read the epic, Winter of Fire by Sherryl Jordan.

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This was a great book, and opened my eyes to a new world of fiction, and even though I borrowed this book from a friend of mine, I am still on the look out for this amazing novel.  If you ever find it, PLEASE READ IT, it will change your life.  Since then, I’ve read everything from  David &Leigh Eddings to JK Rowling, and felt that I had exhausted the search for good fantasy fiction.  The Eddingses were the ones who helped me escape from the aftermath of Hurricane Ike! Reading the Elenium and Tamuli series by candlelight is something every one should try!  For a while there, I was content with the re-readings of the Eddingses and spent many hours escaping into their fantasy, that was until I found a new book!

For Nook, Barnes and Noble has this Free Friday deal where you can download the offered book for the day for Free!  Last week (Yes Last week 1/21) the free book was called Septimus Heap, Book 1 Magic, by Angie Sage and Mark Zug.  At first I wasn’t interested, nothing to me could top that of Harry Potter as Young Adult Fantasy Fiction, but the moment I read this book, I was hooked.  I finished this book in a record 3 days, a first for my Nook, Septimus Heap is seriously a book you cannot put down!

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I’ll summarize the first Chapter of Septimus Heap: the story revolves around,  The Heap wizard family, Silas Heap, a 7th son, and his wife Sarah Heap along with their 6 sons, were awaiting the arrival of the 7th member of their family, a 7th son of a 7th son to be named Septimus Heap (a 7th son of a 7th son is regarded as a great miracle in European cultures, a person of incredible magic, in some of the Latin American cultures, especially in rural Argentina, the child is regarded as a future werewolf, who is still of great magic).  But the birth of Septimus Heap did not go well, and the baby was pronounced dead by the midwife.  Silas was not aware of these events as he was walking through the forest coming back from a family friend’s house, the white witch Galen, picking up medicines for the baby, until Silas felt something, the tiny life-force of a small baby girl.  Knowing her to be a newborn, and not wanting to leave her to the elements, Silas takes the child back home with him only to find out that his 7th son is dead, and in his stead Silas takes out the beautiful baby girl and presents her to Sarah and they adopt the baby as their own, she was to be named Jenna.

This is all I can delve into the book as of now, but who is this baby girl who was named Jenna?  Where did she come from, is Septimus really dead?  What is going on outside of the Heap’s house regarding the government, and why are people discriminating against wizard’s?

Definite must read for those who loved Harry Potter, I personally am waiting for my next paycheck so I can go and purchase the second novel in the series!  I absolutely loved this book.

Dreamers, have you ever had a book that you just couldn’t put down?  Or, was there a book that far exceeded your expectations?

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