And back with the News!

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For those who came in last week and happened upon my long absence and wondered if I had somehow magically disappeared into oblivion, but rest assured, I’m alive.

I spent the past week, so sick, I didn’t even log into the world until Friday!  It was so crazy that the first night of me being sick, I dreamt that my sinuses were under attack by minute cyborg bugs, trying to make my mind into a robot hence the extraordinary pain!  They were trying to take control of my mind so I can overthrow the established government and prime myself as supreme ruler!  There’s a novella somewhere in there!  I did get medicine, it was nasty and an anti-biotic, I rarely take any antibiotics as I tend to be allergic to a good many, but there is one, just seriously expensive. That wasn’t also what kept me away from the computer, my mother was admitted into the hospital on Tuesday, the day I was diagnosed as ill.  Before anyone worries, she’s fine, apparently we had the same thing, where I was able to drink water, her throat was so sore she couldn’t drink water at all, hence the hopsitalization.

We’re both fine and well, both home from the Hospital, and we’re trying to get better enough to go back to school.  I’m still in the process of shopping for my new wardrobe, I will post the first blog on my first expirience shopping for the wardrobe, and I will post more interesting tidbits later on.


The Oracle of Dreams

P.S. I’m sorry for the grammatical errors in this post, I’m still not quite ready to write a full post as of yet, and its been a tad bit difficult to put any energy into a post at the  moment.