My Week 3/20 – 3/26

This week had been somewhat crazy!  Me ending the nightmarish task of being Team Leader Pro-Temp, while juggling my classes, lesson plans, and scary children!  This also marked the beginning of an end for my travel banked Spring Break, and plans to go with the boyfriend to some far off land for a temporary trip for fun!

Jewelry making Wedding bliss!

My week began with the ever daunting task of photographing my uncle’s wedding on Sunday 3/20, luckily I wasn’t the real photographer, or had any real responsibility towards my uncle’s wedding other than making their rosary, but it was still stressful and it hurt a bit letting go of the rosary that took me three days to make…cest la vie!

Shot from behind the altar!

The Enchanting Entemologist Trip!

Then the realm of school and the back to business standards of life started, with me taking a day to myself on Monday and just getting back into the swing of things for this week.  Wednesday, I learned that in May I’ll be going to my sister’s Graduation at MSU and that my family has all the tickets set up and ready to go.  Then it hit me! I need a dress and a bag that can carry not only my laptop, but my new Nikon D3100!!! EEEEK!

Thankfully, a girl can go to ModCloth and find great dresses their for the Springy fashionable clothing! I ended up purchasing this dress from ModCloth:

Enchanting Entomologist Dress, ModCloth, $220.00

Now I just need to get a good camera bag for the trip that matches this great little dress!  Hopefully I can find a good vintage bag that works for me and matches as well!

Container Store Trip 2!

Translucent 3-Section Vertical File, Container Store, $14.99 org., purchased at $11.99

As a thank you for taking on the extra work for the past six weeks, my team leader gave me a Container Store gift certificate, and I ended up getting this nifty little file system for my wall to keep important papers off my desk and at hand.  I also ended up getting some wire holders to re-organize my wires for my computer desk.

Oooh! Awesome Shirt for $6!

$6.00 from Fashion Recycler

Granted that this was one of many shirts I found in this resell shop, I have been to Fashion Recycler on the whole…about two times, and both times I went in for a specific item, and came out with more!  You have to know what you like, to go through this place, they’re organized very well, the selection both times were overwhelming, but you have to spend some time in there to get the whole of the place.  The amazing thing?  The boyfriend LOVED THE STORE.  If I ever suggest going there he always wants to tag along.  The shirt above was sitting in the large section of the t-shirts and I fell in love, while I have no clue what the hell is on this shirt, I can pair it with my dark blue skinny jeans, red slip-ons or my Hot Topic brown booties, and tie it around the waist with a thick red belt, scarf and hat, I’ll be the fashionable one their.  Any other ideas, please let me know!

So far, my trek into vintage land has been unsuccessful, and I have yet to find a great bag that I can use for both my laptop and my Nikon D3100, BUT be not afraid, I will succeed.  I may just use some old Samsonite bags I found at this great vintage store and stuff the bejesus out of my laptop to get what I want!

D’OH!! for 3/20-26 

This girl was showing off her new iPhone, and the reaction amongst the boy students were quite interesting.  Even before class had started, she approached another boy, and he was staring at the phone somewhat longer than the rest.  “Oh my GOD,” she screamed, “Why are you staring at it for so long, that’s so gross!”

Stopping the commotion at hand, I questioned the girl at what she was talking about.  “Well, my friend sent me a naked Chris Brown photo, and I was showing everyone what he looked like, and ::So’nSo:: spent a good minuet staring at him!”

Not knowing what to say, a bit shocked at the fact that she had Chris Brown naked on her phone, and the fact she was showing the male population the nude photo was shocking enough.  Again, not knowing what to say, I asked, “Why do you have a naked Chris Brown photo on you iPhone?”

She sat down quiet after that.

Till then, with warm regards,

The Oracle of Dreams


About theoracleofdreams
The Oracle of Dreams is a High School teacher, who spends a great deal of time outside of school watching movies, listening to music, and various other artistic ventures. The Oracle of Dreams is a pseudonym for reasons beyond her knowledge, and wishes to keep her identity secret...or until she makes big bucks and can leave the teaching can always dream bigger right?

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