It all started off with a drawing…

I can't draw but I can sure make some great straight lines!

My layout of my closet, the sides are the parts that turn in to make the 3 walls of my closet!

I know several posts ago, I posted pictures of cute tweezers and such placed in my makeup collection in my closet!  Just to bring this idea full circle, I decided to blog about how I decided to re-do my closet to be used as a multi-purpose room.  I’m all about multi-purpose now-a-days.  You can never have too much or too little space, just unused space!

Above is the drawing of my closet I made when I was looking to utilize more space in my closet.  I had way too many clothes, in a way too small closet, where I couldn’t even fit new clothing into it.  My closet was basically an undersized storage facility and I was using a clothes basket to store my clothing in it, and with teaching, talk about wrinkles and my nemesis: The Iron!  My room got quite crowded in a second!  See, I still live with my parents trying to save enough money to move out, anyway, my room is quite small, and my storage capabilities were slowly moving into the nonexistent zone, and I needed a space that I could store my ever-growing collection of makeup.  My vanity was big enough for sure, but I didn’t have enough space on my vanity to put all my hair care products, makeup and necessities into one storage place, so I had to look for an extra area for my other stuff.  My vanity was great for washing my face, putting a mask on, or in general hygiene, but it wasn’t large enough for hair and makeup!  So I had to create a new design.

First, I went through all my clothes, I started to discard stuff that either: A) didn’t fit, B)Have not worn in a LOONG Time, C) Store those items that meant the world to me (aka, concert T-shirts, gifts, etc) and store those in another place.  That got rid of a lot of clutter in my closet, most of my cute screen t-shirt collection was tossed and replaced with more adult types of clothing, my concert t-shirts were then split into two categories: Can’t Fit/Destroyed beyond all recognition and Still Fit.  Those that I couldn’t fit were put away in my dresser, and those that did fit were put back into rotation.  I also got rid of most of my winter weather clothing, living in Houston doesn’t really scream winter clothes, and I ended up donating most of the clothes I had and tossed those that I had worn so many times that they were better off as sleeping bags for my ferret than actual human wear!  After the discards were finished, I then again went through my remaining clothes and separated them between: A) School Wear, B) Regular Wear, C) Costume Wear and D) Miscellaneous (stuff that can go either way through my categories).  So that is what led to my next step:

I then started organizing my closet through the diagram.  Being a former picture framer, I know my way around a tape measure and started taking measurements of each section of my closet to help me decide what to put where.  So on one side of the closet, I had enough space to put up my tops, and beneath that I had space to hang up my pants and jeans. From there I started to measure out the extra space for extra shoe storage, box storage, bag storage (I do have a lot of bags) and suitcase storage.  Once that was all finished, I looked at my drawing and started adding in my miscellaneous or as I call it, the Skirt, Long Costumes, and Dresses Storage of my collection where it will never EVER look cohesive, but it makes sense to me.  and in a matter of hours Voila! My closet had changed from impromptu storage to actual walk in closet (or something thereof)!

BUT in my efforts of planning, my giant bulky dresser wouldn’t do, it just loomed in the side corner too tall to make into a makeup counter, so large that the dresser was becoming a sort of catch-all for stuff, and it left too little space to work around.  So off I went to a store I knew I could find a dresser that fit the dimensions of my closet: Ikea.  With my trusty drawing in hand (pre-dresser drawing), and a quick browse (with many, many tabs) through the Ikea catalog, I headed off to the store here in Houston, that is when I came across the Aneboda 3 drawer chest.  The dimensions were perfect, the amount of drawers were great and the height was perfect for what I knew I needed: A makeup counter!   Not only that, but I have several bookshelves in my room as it is, and they are also from Ikea and are white, so I knew that I needed to find a chest of drawers that could also come in white, though I wasn’t opposed to having the beach style. When I purchased the dresser, I also got a table to go with my beading, or another station I can bead my jewelry at (this will be in the follow-up post!).  It’s all in the same white Ikea furniture, and I love it all.  The dresser I ended up painting the handles silver for a more modern look, because I hated that I couldn’t see the handles at all! But silly me ended up not sealing the silver Buff N’ Rub and it started to wear away!  I haven’t had time to fix it!

I really need to learn how to paint!

For better organization of my ever-growing makeup collection, I spent several days going through my entire collection, throwing away old tubes of mascara, lipstick, eyeliner/ lip pencils, and eyeshadow that I rarely use.  Trust me, I collect a huge amounts of makeup and half of it I never even purchased, they were gifts for Christmas and Birthdays back when I rarely ever wore makeup!  What was still good, but I had no need for at the moment (you never know) I stored underneath my sink in simple plastic totes (not pictured).  What I ended up doing after that was a trip to the Container Store, and I totally blame Nubby Twiglet and her desire for organization that led me to this great store.

I love me some lipstick!

In the linked article, I saw this beautiful lipstick caddy from the container store, and I had to have one myself, but once inside the store, I ended up getting this lipstick organizer but graduated so I can see all my lipsticks and obviously from the look of the picture my mini 2010 Holiday Collection of UD eyeliner, and lip glosses and chapstick.

Hey I'm in the picture!

I then ended up purchasing this Makeup Brush Holder to put my brushes, powders, blush miscellaneous eyeshadow, etc.

My eyeshadow collection with my Marge November 2009 Playboy Magazine!

Then, in order to display my eyeshadow collection from Lime Crime Makeup, I ended up getting this Spice Rack to hold the collection.

There I am again! Don't stare for too long!

My impromptu Jewelry Holder

Oh Yeah!!!

Now I know it seems obsessive, but this organization process left me enough space to do my hair and my makeup.  I made the mirror in the picture, being a Framer, I was able to paint and put together the mirror shown.  The light above the dresser is from Ikea and I used some old metal hooks to put up a kind of necklace holder.

View from my bed

View from the desk. Also, for added space, I put up a door hanger for my long sweaters.

From the side of my room

I love my finished closet, because up until my closet was finished, I was terrified of having it open, and the aliens/ghosts/clowns/demons come and eat me alive.  Afterwards (and if I’m not listening about ghosts or demons) I can sleep all night with my closet open no worries.   This is in no way of being finished, I’m still in the process of dissolving out the hangers and replacing them with ones that match, and getting all my bags/purses/satchels and the miscellaneous out of that last two boxes, because they contain purses!  Only keep the ones that’ll work with my new outfits!

Next post, maybe in several days, it will be about how I rearranged my room to fully use my new re-done closet!

Dreamers, have you ever reorganized a space in your house and absolutely loved it and could not stop using it?


The Oracle of Dreams


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The Oracle of Dreams is a High School teacher, who spends a great deal of time outside of school watching movies, listening to music, and various other artistic ventures. The Oracle of Dreams is a pseudonym for reasons beyond her knowledge, and wishes to keep her identity secret...or until she makes big bucks and can leave the teaching can always dream bigger right?

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