The Lazy Person’s Guide Into Redoing Your Closet

If you’re anything like me, then you have a problem with procrastinating.  When it came to my closet, I had sat on the disastrous mess for years before I decided to do something about it, and if you’re like me, I had to break down my closet cleaning process into several easy steps.

Step 1: Recycle your clothes!!!

You always hear about how when you want to start a new project you need to organize your thoughts, your objects and the space you need to work with.  Well, the closet is no simple task.  When I tackled my closet, I knew that I had to reorganize everything in there or I’d be swamped with more problems later on.  My first and foremost object was to go through every piece of clothing in my closet and either:

A) Keep the clothes for future use
B) Store away those you like, but seasonally did not work (this step didn’t quite work for me since I live in Houston, but it did work for my concert T-Shirts)
C) Get rid of those that did fit by donating them or reselling them for cash
D) If it is no way salvageable and you don’t want anyone else looking at the ratty t-shirt from some long off concert then TRASH-IT!!!

Now if you’re like me and have emotional attachments to every single piece of clothing you’ve collected in the past, then this step is probably the hardest step of all.  See, I’m a concert junkie, and I’ve found that purchasing concert T-Shirts are a great way to keep memories alive in your mind, and

while I purchased them at different times of my life,

I’ve realized that wearing a far-off concert tee from the 1980’s that really doesn’t fit anymore, is more of a disgrace for the band and yourself.  While I love my concert T-Shirts, there are a few that I just can’t wear anymore, but I really don’t want to get rid of, well, I ended up storing the ones that were not as pretty as some, and for the rarest in my collection, I ended up framing it (Check the Dresden Dolls post from last week!!). What bothered me

more was the fact that I was getting rid of great staples that were so ratty, they were not to be used for human wear, and yet it hurt so horribly to get rid of these items because of the memories. But that is life and sometimes you just have to suck it up and get rid of it.

Now that you have these clothes you don’t want, and the best option is to donate the gently used clothing to places like The Salvation Army, The Goodwill, etc., and it will definitely bode well when tax time comes around, but in these times, it might be monetarily beneficial for you to resell your clothing at a resale shop.  Now here’s the thing, there are great stores like Buffalo Exchange, Plato’s Closet, and The Fashion Recycler, but these places are very very picky about what they buy into their stock, so be prepared for your clothing to be denied or rejected for use at these locations.  Still, whatever you can get is great!  There are always options out there for you, me specifically, I donated my clothing.

Step 2: Start Measuring! Make a Diagram! PLAN! PLAN! PLAN!

via from Crashmaster007

Whether you’re just redoing your same old closet into something new, or you got a new closet set from Ikea, the best idea and favor to yourself would be to measure out the space you’re gonna need.  Because, sometimes you’re not going to have the amount of space needed and need to work something different.

It is best if you work with several sheets of paper, be it plain/lined/or graphing, but make sure you use pencil, and get as accurate as possible.  My background in custom picture framing gave me a sixth sense into measuring so this process wasn’t as time-consuming as it might be for some people, but it is a very necessary step.  Knowing how much space you have can be a step towards success or frustration!

Here are some easy steps to guide you with measuring:

  • When in doubt, just round to the nearest 1/8 to 1/4.  Those are easy round numbers to work with, and if you’re still frustrated get a ruler chart, they’ll help you determine if you should round-up or stay where you are!
  • If you can’t read it, then get a friend who can!  My boyfriend helped me get the higher up places cause I’m so short, but he was able to read the tape measure anyway!

While getting your measurements, its easy to just go ahead and draw down what you’ve got, in the long run, knowing the layout so you can sip wine, and eat cookies at what you’ve got staring at you is probably the best way to get around this hassle of a project!  Not only that, but measure the furniture you’re going to put in your closet too!  Because with me, my original dresser did NOT work with the layout I wanted, so I had to get a new one that fit inside the closet for this whole thing to work!  When in doubt, do not buy anything until ALL your measurements are in place!!

Step 3: Start Organizing Your Current Clothing!

via Organized Closets

Now that the two hardest parts are finished, the easy fun stuff can begin!

Once you’ve got your diagram, start looking for places that would want to put your clothing in.  For my closet, I had only three spaces to put my clothes, so to make my life easier, I put my tops above my pants, and long skirts, dresses long costumes, regular skirts and jackets that I rarely use away in the longest part of my closet, while my pants and tops were in the smallest parts of the closet.  The way you organize is really up to you, and depends on your level of what you consider organized.  I have friends who MUST have their closets color coded, others who prefer to have their clothing put in from shortest to tallest, others organized more in-depth by length, style and type (shorts, capris, pants).  I have one friend who has her closet organized by color, lightest to darkest shades, and by length and style.  It’s so organized it makes me sick.  Me? I’m happy with separating my closet by types, tops goes with tops, and pants with pants, and the dresses costumes, etc that cannot fit elsewhere are jumbled in and rarely used until needed.  It works for me, and its less stressful.  Always pick an organization that you know you’ll be able to keep, and your committment to work it, I’m lazy so I just hang and go.  If I have time or just for fun, I’ll organize by color, but then time to go out day arrives and I end up making my closet into a giant mess, and piling the stuff back onto the racks.

Again, organizing shouldn’t be daunting, just pick your level of organization and stick to it!

Step 4: Shoes, Shoes, SHOES!

Come on Ladies! Shoes shouldn’t be a big deal, I mean, sure, we do tend to gravitate towards those shoe sales, and pick out those that are the best deals, but still, we need a place for our shoes!  Now, I’m not your normal shoe person, I’d rather have purses, clutches and other bag like options than a shoe, but I do tend to have staple shoes that last me a season to a year, depending on their style, their make, and my ruthless attempt to out wear them all the time.  I go through flip-flops like they’re running out of style! But we all need some space to put our shoes!  Completely honest, I worked my way around my closet like this so I could go through my shoes and get rid of the ones that I didn’t need anymore and kept because I just really really liked them!  The less space, the more necessity it is for you to go through which shoes you need and which of those you don’t, some like the image to the left, tend to make room for their shoes, and I know some great bloggers have purchased bookshelves just to put their shoes on.  Get creative with your shoes, show them off out of your closet, or put them in a glass case! Shoes are meant to be looked at! Mine are not for public viewing, they are meant for school and outside Houston adventuring, so they’re ugly! but I do love them!

Step 5: Miscellaneous!

via Making It Lovely

Whether it be jewelry, hats, makeup, or your vinyl record collection, always leave space for the Miscellaneous!  You can spend all this time working on a diagram, measuring, and putting away and realize you didn’t leave space for something you really did want!  For me, having a makeup counter I could call home, was the most important aspect for me.  So I built my closet around THAT.  What I didn’t plan for was the two plus boxes of bags that I currently own.  With my giant dry-mounted poster of Back Issues Pink Floyd in the way, I was out of luck for my wall-o-bags, but still I neatly (somewhat) packed them in boxes and figured out a good place to place them.  My hats on the other hand, were the problem.  Feathers couldn’t fit in specific places, so I put them underneath my tops and HOPE the feathers won’t die…but they are.  SO always plan for these guys, because you’ll thank yourself later!

Step 6: In the end make it Y-O-U!

I could sit here and spin yarns about what you need to do for that great and glorifying OMG WOW factor closet, but in the end its about you and how you want your closet to be made.  If you want your closet to be about your shoes, go ahead make it about your shoes!  If you want it to be about your collection of Concert T-Shirts from David Bowie’s last concert tour, then be it!  But just do it for yourself.  For me, I spent most of my time, planning my closet to be about makeup and putting my morning routine in the place I would be getting ready: My closet.  I have clothes that rarely match each other, and when I do go out I spend a great amount of time getting ready because I have very little in the way of going out clothes.  But my closet re-do helped me regain most of my confidence by setting up a system to help me get ready at the end of every day.

My closet is mostly about me, and yours should be about you, so whatever your level of organization, and whatever your obsession may be, your closet is supposed to be your haven make it yours!

Angelic closet, not sure from whom, please let me know so I can credit properly!

Dreamers, do you have any other suggestions about a giant closet redo?  Got any favorite closet pictures, please link!


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