My Week 3/28 – 4/1


Via, The Simpsons, owned by 20th Century Fox.

This week has been craaazay!  Grades needed to be put in, and stuff needed to be done in order for me to get ready for this trip in May. Taxes are finished and I ended up OWING the government money, thanks school district.

Cameo Belt and Replay on 19th Street Vintage

I decided on Monday to take a mental health day…why not? My time off goes back to zero once the new school year starts, so why wait?  I ended up going to The Heights and I found this great little vintage shop that I discovered on my still fruitless journey into finding a great vintage bag that can hold a camera and a laptop.  The store is called Replay, and its just down the street from the ever recommended Retropolis!  Neither produced the vintage bag I’m looking for.  The 60’s Samsonite bags seem to be doing the trick for my need of vintage and practicality, but I need the bags to be just THAAAAAT much larger and I should be fine.  On the plus side, I did snag some spiffy buttons from this shop AND this awesome owl necklace!

Vintage Owl Necklace, but it may not be vintage...

There was this really cool belt with cameos on them that I really REALLY wanted, but I had nothing I know of to wear it with, and it was terribly sad!  It was just absolutely beautiful, and it needed some serious TLC, but I just couldn’t justify the purchase of it.  Note: I went back to the shop on Thursday and ended up getting an avocado green Samsonite bag with the Cameo belt!  I had to get that belt, it was consuming my dreams, and I’m gonna try it out at school to see how the belt is taken! After it has been cleaned of course!


ModCloth Delivery!

I ended up getting my lovely Enchanting Entomologist dress on Friday, and it was absolutely perfect, the colors were amazing, and the butterflies were darling!  The only problem: THE DRESS DIDN’T FIT!  I sit at a size 10, and I fit into a good amounts of 10s in any label, the problem with this dress was that it didn’t fit over my chest! Curses for being to buxom!, and I was going to rip out the beautiful invisible zipper.  The dress is HIGH quality, the seams perfect, but this was just not going to do unless the dress was made in a size 12.  SIGH! back to the drawing board.  One thing though, I love ModCloth’s return policy and their great customer service policies!  I recommend them and the dress to those who want to shop there!


My students know this, my boyfriend knows this, my family knows this I HATE CLOWNS!!!!  I cannot stand clowns, but I’m a sucker for a scary movie.  Let me put it this way, if I were an actress in a Rob Zombie film, he would put on a clown mask in order to get a giant blood curdling scream out of me.  It puts a damper on my continuously growing Scary Movie collection, and I still scream every time in Poltergeist when that damn clown doll pops out from behind the kid and strangles him underneath the bed!  I know its coming, I know it dissapears, but it still gets me! Now, I’m a serious vintage shopper, and the most horrible thing about vintage shopping is that some if not most of these places tend to have a clown collection.  It stops me in my tracks and I cannot move, this is why I tend to travel with my boyfriend to go vintage shopping, he tries to hide the scary clowns from me and preventing me from looking like a crazy freak to the shop owners.


Aside from that, the boyfriend and I went to see Insidious and I totally agree with Fangoria’s review of this movie.  For being a complete scaredy cat when it comes to scary movies, Insidious did not disappoint me or the Made-of-Steel boyfriend who, like me, could not sleep at all after we saw the movie.  Not only that, we both want to see it again!! To bring the topic around full circle, the Insidious “creature” ended up having clown marionettes and I nearly had a panic attack in the theater watching the creature do what he needed to succeed in the movie (not a spoiler btw)  OMG people were staring at me like I was crazy and the boyfriend wanted me to leave, but I’ll leave when I need to and I paid for the tickets, like hell I’m going to waste money spent.  Not only that, I think I have my Halloween Costume idea from the movie too!

Holy CRAP!! Aren't these some seriously awesome costume ideas! I convinced the boyfriend to play dress up with me, he's gonna be in suspenders!

Its super crazy, I’ll do a more in-depth review in a bit but expect more of my reviews and a personal comment regarding the state of movies in a few posts!

D’OH! for 3/28 – 4/01

School was just unbearable, and I’m writing this on Tuesday and I already have a student quote that just immediately got my attention and I just had to write it!  They’re just ready for the summer, me too, but I know I can wait!

During  lunch these students were talking about the Holocaust, Hitler’s rise to power, and the World History test that was to be on Friday.  Some Juniors were listening in, and chit chatting amongst themselves when a girl starts to go on about Anne Frank.

The group discusses her triumphs her death, her book, and her legacy (did I mention these kids were AP) when one of the on level Juniors asked them a question, “Hey kids! Who you talkin’ bout?  Cause that’s some serious fucked up shit!”  The Sophomores look over and say, “Oh we’re talking about Anne Frank, remember her?”  The junior replies, “Yeah sure! I remember that singer! She’s awesome!”

One more funny incident

This happened on Friday, and I had to post it.  In this class, the students are CARAAAZAY!  and I was just sitting in for the photography teacher, since she had a meeting and the kids started regaling me with stories of the Flying Dutchman whose captain haunted the darkroom.

Not the Flying Dutchman from Spongebob Square Pants (owned by Nickelodeon)

In any case, I proceeded to put grades into the grade book, while the students finished working on their multimedia projects.  Then I heard it “ooOOOOooOOO this is the Flying Dutchman, I’m here to take SOOOOoooUUUUUULLLLLLSS!”  The girls started to scream.  Knowing they were doing this to scare me, I ignored their screams and proceeded to take role.  When I got to the name of the Flying Dutchman, he went “I toooOOOook ::name:: and his soul is mIIIIiiinnnee.”  Unamused and the girls started going on about an exorcisim, and with a discipline refferal in hand, I walked into the dark room, where the lights were completely off, and proceeded to turn on the lights, and the student jumped out from underneath the projector cubicles and said that he was given back to the world, because he had important duties to the world.

La di da! Sometimes I feel bad about posting the special student’s quotes on this page, but then again, they’re just so precious at times, you just have to laugh!


The Oracle of Dreams


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