Houston is No Longer Relevant

Being a Houstonian, I have prided myself being a resident of a famous Space City, but the recent decision for us not to receive a Space Shuttle has actually caused me to think about the decisions made regarding these decisions.  For one thing, I can understand why we lost the bid for the Summer Olympics, we’re just not set up feasibly for a giant world-wide sports centered event.  But the Space Shuttles!?!?!  Seriously, how did we lose on that count? Come on people, how can you ignore the phrases that have graced pop culture for years.  So this post is dedicated to the men and women who helped make space exploration possible.

Houston, The Eagle has landed!


Who could forget (well, I could since I wasn’t born at this time) on July 20th, 1969 at 3:17 pm EST, with the whole watching on their television screens, Neil Armstrong came on the radio to signify to Houston, the Eagle has landed on the moon.  Several minuets later, he came on again and with the whole world watching he stated:

“That’s one small step for man; One giant leap for Mankind.” – Neil Armstrong

This was the largest event in human history since the launching of the Atomic bomb in 1945, man had finally reached the moon, placing the phrase “Houston, The Eagle has landed” into pop culture, having the phrase used in many different situations in modern pop tv shows and movies.  Who could ignore these amazing words….

Houston, We Have a Problem…


While I do acknowledge the fact that the original phrase states: “Houston, we’ve had a problem here.” I will not doubt the impact this phrase has on pop culture society.  On April 13, 1970, the Apollo 13 crew (ironically) reported to base here in Houston, Texas about an oxygen tank explosion.  The explosion hindered the crews supply towards water and oxygen and cut down the electricity.  Turning off any non-essential items, the crew patiently traveled four more days around the moon, and made a watery landing all three Astronauts were safe. The phrase gained notoriety in pop culture because of its timeless phrasing.  This phrase could be used in many different situations, problems, and just to be plain funny.

In my last obsessive rant about this situation, I really have no clue as to why New York and California were given the space shuttles, aside from the fact that the shuttles are in large urban populated areas with more foot traffic.  But why ignore Houston, or for that matter the entire mid west, why does the East and West coast have to have all the cool stuff.  Not only that, but from an educator stand point, how can we sit here and teach to these kids the importance the space program had when WE were denied the possibilities of ever having a space shuttle…Good move voters!

The Orbitally obsessed, Oracle of Dreams


About theoracleofdreams
The Oracle of Dreams is a High School teacher, who spends a great deal of time outside of school watching movies, listening to music, and various other artistic ventures. The Oracle of Dreams is a pseudonym for reasons beyond her knowledge, and wishes to keep her identity secret...or until she makes big bucks and can leave the teaching field...one can always dream bigger right?

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