Scream 4 – The Ultimate Sequel?

Scream, 1996

Scream 4, Review TBA

Scream was one of those movies, back in Junior High and High School, that changed the way the social norm looked at horror movies.  Every kid when I was in Junior High had always asked me about whether or not I had liked Scream.  Considering the fact that I had never seen Scream until my 7th grade year, after my parents had forbidden me to ever see the movie, I was considered a loser.  But there was something about Scream that permeated the social norms of my junior high school.  Everyone was talking about it, the scary movie was not just for those creepy metal heads, or the weirdos with the giant notebooks in front of their pants, it was something that all students of different social structures could appreciate. 

Not only that, but it revolutionized the way teenaged girls spent their sleepover nights.  I remembered that the first time I had ever seen Scream, was at a friend’s birthday sleepover where my friends forced me to watch the movie, and we spent the night screaming at the different scary scenes and ignored the rest and scarfed down popcorn, pizza and cheese whiz on crackers.  Ah the 90’s. Did I mention I graduated high school in 2002?

Anyway, after Scream premiered in 1996, it became a horror movie legend, and brought my attention to the ever still lovely, Rose McGowan.  No matter what that woman does, I cannot break this crush I have on her.  Damn you Charmed!!  Scream also pointed me into the direction of movie watching for more than just pleasure.  When they started going through the rules of scary movies, I had no clue as to what they were talking about, and I personally felt like a horror movie buff. So I spent MONTHS watching movies such as Friday the 13th, Nightmare on Elm Street, and The Shinning (before I knew it was a book), and looked for those elements in these movies.  It made for some enjoyable times, but it also gave me a sense as to what stipulated a good and bad movie.  Before then, I was that normal kid who thought every movie that came out was a good movie…my how times have changed!

Scream 2, 1997

Now fast forward 15 years, new strange horror flicks have come out, they have been either a hit or a miss, and the Scream franchise was awarded with 2 more films.  For some reason, I remember the 2nd Scream more than the 3rd…hmm.  Since the last movie, many Scream fans had been ravenous for a new Scream movie, more than likely one that would redeem the franchise after the third movie, and finally Wes Craven had agreed to make a new movie several years ago.  But what was interesting…The Rules have Changed!

Scream 4, 2011

The movie starts off with Sidney Prescott as an adult, on a book tour for her new book “Out of Darkness” based on how she was no longer a victim from the murders that have plagued her for most of her life.  The book tour ends right where it all started Woodsboro, and just in time too, because the killings have started…again. Dum DUN DUUUUMMMM!

The movie revolves around Sidney and her cousin Jill Roberts (Emma Roberts) and Jill’s friends (with hair fiasco Hayden Panettiere).  While I won’t divulge much into the film since a lot of what I’m going to say in a few minutes WILL be Spoilers (I will note this), I have a few things to say.

While the original characters of the franchise did comeback as were their actors Neve Campbell, Courtney Cox, David Arquette, and Roger Jackson as THE VOICE, to me, that is where most of the movie began and ended.  I’d be lying if I told you that I did not enjoy the movie.  For the most part it was an enjoyable movie, with moments that far exceeded my expectations.  The boyfriend and I spent most of the movie trying to figure out who was the killer, and their accomplice (as per Scream 1).   We also spent the time mocking the flick in true Scream fashion, and jotted down horror movie rules that the movie had broken…all of the originals as of Scream 1.

The movie lacked a cohesive storyline, there were too many B characters that added to the comic relief, and Dewey was among them.  The storyline perpetuated the idea of Rebecca Black (More of that in Spoilers),  and had a moral that pretty much is a spoiler within itself.

So, for more clarification:

Spoiler Alert!

The movie began with a horrible beginning, watching sequel, after sequel of the Stab franchise, in all its glory, the only good part about it, was watching Veronica Mars (Kristen Bell) stab Sookie Stackhouse (Anna Paquin) in the stomach.  Other than that, it was repetitive and annoying.

Scream Screenshot

Now when we establish the fact that we are in the real world, relatively real considering we’re watching a movie, and the first two are killed, we begin to realize that hey! this person or persons are remaking the original Woodsboro killings. 

Fast forward to the end, everyone is second guessing who the killers really are, and of course, one of the killers is a creepy horror movie buff, but the second was by far the most surprising.  Jill Roberts, Sidney Prescott’s cousin, was the second killer.  And for the most surprising shock of all, she wanted to be more famous than her cousin with whom she was compared to for most of her life.  Poor little Jill, no one likes you because you have a cousin who has people killed around her.  Now that the rules have changed, and its a sequel in a different time period, the killer HAS to be recording all of the killings to put on the web, that way they have the movie already made and there is no need for them to make a new film.

Now what was even more shocking, was the fact that Jill Roberts, started going on and on about how she was never going to be second-rate, and how becoming famous now requires no work at all.  Graduating high school, going to college, and all that work are no longer relevant in today’s society, when all you need is to have a kitschy way to gain viewers – think Rebecca Black, especially being the sole survivor of a horrible murder spree that involved Sidney Prescott.  Great cross-section of what I have to deal with at school.  The students don’t want to work, because they want to become famous, they don’t need an education anymore, and with success stories like Rebecca Black, Jersey Shore and others, they are more seduced into the idea that having a scandalous video and becoming famous is better than working…hmm.


But the overall theme of the movie is one that Wes Craven has been fighting since The Hills Have Eyes.  Don’t mess with the Original, they will always be better, and writer Kevin Williamson also stated that fact.  And it is true, read Point #3.

What was most disturbing was seeing Emma Roberts, the sweet unpopular girl from Nickelodeon’s Unfabulous, shoot some guy in the jewels just to prove a point that she is not a girl who gets cheated on, and seduce the nerdy dude to do her bidding.  Scaaary!

End Spoiler Alert

Now while the reviews seem negative in context, my movie going experience at Scream 4 was a negative one.  The dude next to us was texting for the most part, and neglected to turn off his phone, so Sexy Back was blaring during the movie.  People down the aisle from us were kicked out for talking on their phones the entire movie, people farther down front were laughing/screaming/talking through the movie.  The dude texting had his girlfriend sit next to the boyfriend and I, and spent the entire movie yelling “You’re not serious” at EVERY major plot hole and turning point to where the boyfriend and I were gonna stab her with the provided silverware.

In all, I did enjoy the movie, but I can not truly give a cohesive review until I’ve seen the movie undisturbed…possibly Friday during the day when kids are not out and about.


The Not so Scary Oracle of Dreams


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The Oracle of Dreams is a High School teacher, who spends a great deal of time outside of school watching movies, listening to music, and various other artistic ventures. The Oracle of Dreams is a pseudonym for reasons beyond her knowledge, and wishes to keep her identity secret...or until she makes big bucks and can leave the teaching can always dream bigger right?

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  1. d m says:

    I read through the article like I would a blog, taking in the content and glossing over the frequent grammatical blunders. I appreciated the review and was content about the writing since goof ups like “with whom she was compared to” are a dime-a-dozen on the web. But then I hit this at the end – About theoracleofdreams : The Oracle of Dreams is a High School teacher. I sincerely hope you teach nothing of import – like gym maybe. I just thought you should know you shouldn’t advertize your grasp of English (or the lack of it in your case) over the internet while also declaring your profession. “one can always dream bigger right?” I say dream smaller – something where you’re not teaching kids incorrect language.

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