Hallowe’en 2011

Halloween lights

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Hallowe’en is the time of year where I can walk down the road wearing a costume and no one looks twice at how I am dressed.  Hallowe’en has always been the time of year where TV would dust off ancient episodes of Haunted America and then air them nonstop. Hallowe’en is also the time of year where The Oracle of Dreams is allowed to surface, not only at school (due to Homecoming and senior dress up days), but in the outside world as well.

My alter ego, The Oracle of Dreams, was created as a creative outlet due to my mother’s attempt to stop my costume dress ups during the school year, which is why I tend to love Hallowe’en costumes even more.  Since I left college, my Hallowe’en costumes have become more and more fantastic, most of which has been based off an experiment to create female alter egos of male characters.

Tales of Costumes Past

Miss Fitzwilhelmina Darcy

This first costume was a social experiment posed by one of my K.O.L. Buddies who told me I couldn’t make a female Mr. Darcy if my life depended on it, due to the fact that the female Mr. Darcy is Elizabeth Bennett.

Alexandra “Alex” DeLarge

Book or movie Alex from A Clockwork Orange is one character that you will never forget. After reading the book in October of 2006, I knew I had to make a costume based on this character.  In retrospect, I could have made the costume look better; instead of the full top and bottom eyelash, I was able to find some awesome spider eyelashes at discount and instead of the weird looking plastic cane, I was able to find an awesome vintage cane that was real wood and a neat glass blue handle.

Arsenic Candy Gang Leader Priscilla

This costume was based off a gang of villains in the Spider-Man 3 Video Game.  While there wasn’t much on the net regarding their dress, I just took a cue from the video game, by buying a doll dress mini, with a crinoline underneath, paired with platform stripper combat boots, and pigtails added the effect, along with some striped stockings.  The effect was perfect; the Spider-Man Junkies thought it was a big hit!  I even included a Teddy Bear Bomb!

Copyright Victoria Frances

Victoria Frances Crows

I had purchased an AMAZING calendar containing Victoria Frances’ artwork for 2008, and deep within the bowels of the calendar was this image.  It was titled Crows and it was just so simplistically beautiful, I was able to make this costume with little to no effort.  The concept was beautiful, and I won best costume for that year.  It helped having a frame and the original image with me to help show what I had to do.  Too bad I was curling my hair for over 2 hours!

Lady Kreuger

Another good costume idea executed horribly! I was having a hard time with this costume, could I not find the right shirt, ended up destroying my leg to the point that I couldn’t shave it without screaming in agony, nor could I hide the giant bruises.  All this was due to an accident at Hobby Lobby, a misfortunate incident when my left leg collided with a 40×60 in. frame.

Flo via Progressive.com

Progressive Flo and Silent Bobbie

Via Clerk's 2

These two were my most recent costume incarnations.  I had decided early in 2010 that I wanted to do a female incarnation of Silent Bob.  I am a huge fan of Kevin Smith’s, and not only is my favorite author, Neil Gaiman, his arch nemesis, he also has it out for Gaiman’s now wife, Amanda Palmer.  So I decided to be Silent Bob for Hallowe’en, and the boyfriend was going to be Jay.  The difference between Silent Bob and Silent Bobbie was that instead of a Buddy Jesus shirt, Bobbie was going to wear a “Who Killed Amanda Palmer” tour shirt with Andy Warhol’s Jesus.  Instead of Bobbie carrying a Bible (I’m basing this on Clerk’s II Silent Bob), she is carrying her worn out copy of American Gods, by Neil Gaiman.  When I got to the party, no one had a clue what I was dressed as, even my brother didn’t like the outfit, saying it was very “esoteric.”

Now, the problem with Silent Bobbie and working at Hobby Lobby was the Andy Warhol Jesus, and I had to make a second Hallowe’en costume for Hobby Lobby.  That is when I decided to do something different, and that had to do with discounts.  Far more expensive than my Silent Bobbie, my Progressive Flo was by far the more hilarious.  At Hobby Lobby, people were taking photos with me, and having me yell “DISCOUNT” wherever I went.  I could have won the costume contest with the Flo outfit, but sending images of me as Silent Bobbie to Kevin Smith was more important.

She-Go via Disney

Hallowe’en Idea 2011

What’s the plan for this year?  Well, the boyfriend wants to do another couple costume, and this year he got to choose the theme.  This year, we’re doing Kim Possible.  That’s right, you heard me, Kim Possible, the crime fighting, cheerleader whose partner is the buffoonish Ron Stoppable.  Now we’re not going as Ron and Kim, but the hilarious Metal Ed and She-Go.  How we’re going to do this, I have no clue, but some how we’ll be able to do this since the boyfriend can just show up in his street clothes and become Metal Ed.  I have to go through this process of finding the right clothes for She-Go, maybe a street savvy She-Go with knuckle gloves…that sounds good…right?

Dreamers, what are your plans for Hallowe’en this year?


The Costumed, Oracle of Dreams


About theoracleofdreams
The Oracle of Dreams is a High School teacher, who spends a great deal of time outside of school watching movies, listening to music, and various other artistic ventures. The Oracle of Dreams is a pseudonym for reasons beyond her knowledge, and wishes to keep her identity secret...or until she makes big bucks and can leave the teaching field...one can always dream bigger right?

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