A Perfect Storm

About four weeks ago, at the boyfriend’s place, I received a call from my mother who told me that she and my sister found a kitten in our garage.  My mother was concerned because the kitten was just bones, and looked as if she had been neglected and starved for weeks.  I hurried home to see this emaciated kitten and I swear, when I first saw this poor thing she looked almost like a kitty skeleton with fur who was moving!  My sister and I ended up buying kitten Step 2 formula, and kitten food, and started feeding her about every hour a 1/4 cup of formula and kitten food mixed together.  When we took her to the vet the next day, she weighed less than 3 pounds at three months of age, and was dehydrated and malnourished (she needed some teeth removed), so we decided to foster her until she was plump and well-adjusted enough to be given a good home (at this time she fluffed up at any loud noise that came from anywhere, our dogs, cat, and even us if we startled her awake).  After a while, my sister decided that she wanted to keep the kitten and here we are with a beautiful new kitty.

My sister’s fiancé then wanted to name the cat and gave her the name of Storm, in honor of the day we found her, but like always, my sister and I wanted a cuter name for the kitten, and thus named her:

Stormy Weather!

As of now, she’s at a healthy weight, she’s very active and playful, and she’s inquisitive and very cuddly.  She even poses for photographs.

Copyright 2011 The Oracle of Dreams

The image was taken in our front foyer; her copper eyes were the highlight of the image. 

My Process:

    1. I used a Photoshop Action from night-fate stock on DeviantArt (she no longer has the action set up on her site-set 22 to be exact) to create a pastel like image but kept the integrity of Stormy’s eyes.
    2. I then created a fake bokkeh element with the Gaussian blur filter and layer masks.  I deleted the background of the image using the mask so I could blur the background fully. 
    3. Selecting the brush tool and opening the Brush Preset Options, I selected Scattering, set the spacing to about 250-300% set to both axes, Count set on a low number, and Count Jitter to about 10%.  All this was set to Pen Pressure. Set color dynamics to Foreground/Background Jitter to 30% at Fade, everything else is all at 0%.  And create a new layer set to soft light and the brush opacity to 25%. I then painted the round brush into the mirror to finish off the bokkeh effect. (Note: The colors I picked are in step 5!)
    4. After staring at the image a while, I concluded that the image would look better as a lomograpy-styled photograph.  So I made an oval of black around the edges of the image and Gaussian blurred the oval set layer style to Overlay for the light leaks. (I’m going to ask for a Holga for Christmas just for this sole purpose!)
    5. I ended up using a gradient tool (G) as a color filter with colors picked from PuglyPixel (Pink – EF7D8D and Taupe – E3D2C0) with pink as the foreground color and taupe as the background color.
    6. Using the gradient tool (G) placed it at a diagonal holding the shift button down and set the layer at opacity 65% at Soft Light to give the colors more saturation.
    7. I then masked the top color layer, and with a 50% Opacity Soft Round brush, I took out some of the color off the eyes of the kitten.


The Oracle of Dreams


About theoracleofdreams
The Oracle of Dreams is a High School teacher, who spends a great deal of time outside of school watching movies, listening to music, and various other artistic ventures. The Oracle of Dreams is a pseudonym for reasons beyond her knowledge, and wishes to keep her identity secret...or until she makes big bucks and can leave the teaching field...one can always dream bigger right?

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