I know I haven’t been around lately….

Sorry for the many month delay on my blog, I’ve been very busy with two-jobs, a boyfriend that needs attention, and an increasing depression that won’t go away. So I’ve decided that I need to be constructive, and get my little ass in gear!

New Year’s Resolution!!!

    1. Lose Weight:  I know, I know, I know, that’s EVERYONE’s Resolution, but for me this is a must!  My sister’s wedding is in May, and we have SO MUCH to do that it is overwhelming the entire family.  Each of us has our own problems to worry about and I know that for all three of us, our Lets-lose-our-lazy-weight is on that list of worry.  Right now, I have my sights set on this beautiful wrapped dress from Alfred Angelo, but I’m still hoping to find a pretty vintage dress for me to use in the Wedding.  My sister wants me to design my outfit from one of the Villians from various Disney Movies, and the dress I’m thinking of will need for me to be very fit and my legs toned…Ooh La! La!  Now, here’s MY To-Do list for the Wedding:
      1. Make my sister’s Lasso – I got the design drawn, I need monetary approval from the parents, then I’ll have my blessing to work my magic!!
      2. Get framing options from Hobby Lobby for my sister’s Bridal Portrait, and give a surprise gift of their Engagement photo in a pretty frame.
      3. Work on the bride’s maids’ jewelry, basic prices, nothing too expensive.  I have the designs, I just need to finish Jasmine’s design, and then I’ll be in business!
      4. Lose Weight! Lose Weight! Lose Weight!
    2. Keep Organized: Another one of those things were EVERYONE makes this resolution, and EVERYONE breaks them!  I may have a moon in Virgo or something, because I cannot stand to have my room, or my life in an unorganized mess!  I don’t organize every aspect of my life, if I get the item done to day or tomorrow (depending on the item) then its done!  But I do need SOME structure and without teaching, I need that more than ever, or I’d be falling into the case of the Dulldrums ::insert Phantom Tollboothreference here::  I recently purchased a Moleskine journal from Barnes and Noble, and I got the 12-month Weekly Notebook with lines on the right hand side for list making.  I wasn’t sure if I needed the lists or not, but as of a week into this planner (the first week was December 26th – January 1st), I have made a full switch from my Day Runner Poetica planners to Moleskine.  Not only should I be organized on the daily life front, but monetarily, I downloaded some good checkbook and credit card programs to keep my monies in order for my phone.  Will this organization system work?  I hope so….

      12 months - Weekly Notebook - Black soft cover - Large

      This is the one I purchased from http://www.moleskine.com

    3. Craft Once a Week: Since I left Hobby Lobby, I’ve chosen a task for me to try, I will post one Crafty item on my blog.  Be it from another blog that I would like to try out, or from my own devious mind, I would like to craft!  From coloring everyday in grade school, to picking out clothes, and making Oboe reeds, clay sculptors and designing on the computer, I am a very handy person!  If it’s crafting for my sister’s wedding, or for personal use, I will post it on my blog.
    4. Apply, Apply, Apply!: I have made a list of places I need to apply at once school starts.  This will be done every day, for one school district and one Business.  Whomever calls first and offers me a job will be what I do until I have enough to move out….again.
    5. 30 Day Photography Challenge:  While this was started last year, I felt that this New Year could use some fun to start off with, and what better way than with one of my first loves, Photography.  It was a list started last year, and I thought it could be used to chronicle the first month of the new year.  I know I’m a few days late, but I figured better late than never!  Here’s the list of things that this Challenge will have, and I’ll post on Facebook and here for your viewing pleasure!

      Click the image to go to the blog site!

I hope everyone has had a good New Year! What are some of your resolutions for this year!



The Oracle of Dreams


About theoracleofdreams
The Oracle of Dreams is a High School teacher, who spends a great deal of time outside of school watching movies, listening to music, and various other artistic ventures. The Oracle of Dreams is a pseudonym for reasons beyond her knowledge, and wishes to keep her identity secret...or until she makes big bucks and can leave the teaching field...one can always dream bigger right?

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