Photography Wednesday – 2

Sleepy Stormy

This was taken with a 200mm lens (I GOT A NEW LENS!!!) with a shallow depth of field.  This kitty is so photogenic! If interested, this photo is up for sale at my deviantart account.

Photography Wednesday – 1

Photography Wednesday - Hands

A Paranormal Library – Jim Harold and the Paranormal Podcast Network

I would like to preface my review by stating that I have purchased all the books I review for the public.  I am in no way being paid for my reviews, but I am sharing my favorite paranormal books for your reading pleasure.  The opinions expressed in these books do not always reflect my own personal opinion, but I do find these topics fascinating.  Your purchases of these books do not monetarily benefit me, nor do I gain points with your readership or purchase.  I am sure, however, that the authors do enjoy your patronage.  Happy reading Dreamers!

This disclaimer is in reference of my use of the word “paranormal.”  My use of the word “paranormal” refers to anything that is not normal, be it ghosts, conspiracy theories or aliens.  If the topic is not part of conventional beliefs, then it is paranormal.  So please do not bombard me with comments about how something is or is not paranormal.

The Paranormal Podcast

I’ll have to admit, I’m a huge fan of Jim Harold and his Paranormal Network.  Jim Harold is a Podcaster that specializes in the paranormal, in fact, he started this all before the whole paranormal wave gained popularity (if it ever did).  Jim creates a special forum with his guests and listeners based on the fact that we need to hear both sides of the paranormal argument (skeptics vs. believers) and try to gain some sense over the whole subject.  While he does have a good chunk of believers featured (including a Priest asking us to stop researching the paranormal for our souls’ sake), he still brings on Skeptics, the likes of Ben Raford, and Dr.s Todd Fleischer and Jerry Bockoven.

The Paranormal Podcast varies in subjects ranging from Ghosts/Possessions, UFOs/ET’s, Abductions, Legend Tripping, Ghost Hunting, Near Death Experiences (NEDs), Psychic Ability (the one of the boy who knew that he was going to die was heart breaking), Cryptozoology, Astrology and what is really going to happen this year on December 21st.  I love a lot of these topics here and I listen to them while I’m working out, have time off at school, or when I need to kill time doing something (most of that is in the car).  The boyfriend can’t stand these podcasts due to the fact that his mother listened to AM radio and he’s just turned off from talk radio at this point, me, I cannot get enough of them.  I happened across this podcast while listening to Jim Harold’s Campfire (review next) and thought that it would be a great thing to listen to.

One thing that I have come across about this show and his other shows is that Jim Harold does have commercial’s in his podcasts.  While some do not like hearing these advertisements, I tend to just tune the ads out and leave it alone.  Besides, free content isn’t always free, you have to listen to/view ads just because of the free content.

I do recommend this if you wish to pursue education in the paranormal field, these podcasts are great references for those who have questions regarding any of the above subjects in the paranormal.  You can even use this as a stepping off point for your paranormal education.  For me, it got me in contact with Jeff Belanger and Loyd Auerbach in conducting my own paranormal research.

Jim Harold’s Campfire

Jim Harold’s Campfire is basically a hypothetical campfire that people come around to listen to other people’s ghost/cryptozoological/UFO stories.  Much like in real life when you and your friends are camping, have a fire going, and everyone shares their favorite spooky stories for the fun of it.  This podcast is pretty much the same in that regard.  Before I came upon this podcast I was listening to the Art Bell Archives (which has since been taken down) and luckily went through the archives of Ghost to Ghost AM where people call Art Bell (George Noory and Ian Punnett have also hosted this event) and share their spooky ghost stories.  In hopes of finding something VERY similar to the forum that Art Bell had created (I’m a sucker for scaring myself) I stumbled upon Jim Harold’s Campfire. I had finally found my podcast.

Happily I downloaded the then about 30 podcasts of ghost stories and spooky synchronicity.  One of my favorite stories was told by a man who had lived near a set of woods that were supposedly haunted, and everyone he took there (before the area was effected by some landslides) had some kind of crazy scary paranormal events.  In one, a friend of his was being attacked by something that was throwing stones only at her, and she had to go to the hospital due to the severity of the strange attack.

Weird News Radio

Now this is a fairly new podcast from the Paranormal Network, and features Jim Harold and Kate Botello as they try to give you the weeks weird news from “Dumb Criminals” to “We Are All Doomed.”  Each topic is viewed weekly with the best of the week, the “Dumb Criminals” and the “Celebrity Trainwreck” are the best ones for me personally.  When this first aired, it was right before Amy Winehouse’s death, and for weeks up until her death, she was featured as the celebrity for the Train-wreck.  Lindsay Lohan is the only other celebrity who has now been featured more than any other celebrity known at the moment.

The best part of Weird News Radio is at the end where our generous hosts play the game called “Real or Real B.S.” The hosts basically play a game where one host talks about three stories from the news, and the other host has to choose which story is Real or Real B.S.  It’s very fun, informative and creative when you consider that some of these stories are created by the hosts themselves.  I’ve been listening to this podcast since its inception, and have enjoyed it immensely ever since. I even download past episodes of the show for long drives with my boyfriend (he has to deal, I’m driving!) and my parents and we all join in with the Real or Real B.S. game.  I highly recommend this show!

Jim Harold’s Paranormal Plus Club

The Paranormal Plus Club is the only podcast series that I am not able to review.  While I do enjoy the podcasts provided by Jim Harold, The Paranormal Plus Club is the only podcast offered by Jim Harold that is not free.  At a low price of $7.95 a month (or one large lump sum of $79.50) you get tons of great content such as Eight new Paranormal podcasts a month, Paranormal Courses, a forum community, a Paranormal Book Club, and more.  It’s all an effort for Mr. Jim Harold to continue podcasting as a full-time job without distractions.

Dreamers, do you have any favorite paranormal podcasts?

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 21 – Faceless Self Portrait

I’m starting a new series called “Wednesday Photography” and I’ll be posting some of my favorite snapshots of the week so far.  As of now, I’ll be posting the last of my 30 Day Photography Challenge photos that I have not been able to post lately.

Faceless Self-Portrait

Faceless Self Portrait

This was a last-minute shot before the sun went down over the houses on my street.  I decided to take a picture of myself reading one of my favorite book series,The Vampire Diaries.  Ignore the fact that my laundry is piled in the corner.