Austin Trip

In Austin the fiance and I decided to go to lunch at a place that was suggested to us by my sister whose a giant fan of Diners, Drive-ins, and Dives. Here’s a snapshot of our lunch at The Green Mesquite:



I got the pulled pork sand which. It was yummy! What I liked about this place was the atmosphere. You have a choice of sitting inside or outside, we sat outside where it was less crowded but there were more dogs (which I didn’t mind). The outside atmosphere was wonderful:




This place had great food, but I’ve eaten better from the suggestion box that is DD&D.  Aside from that, I would probably sit next to the register next time…just for the novelty that you can eat next to the register.


About theoracleofdreams
The Oracle of Dreams is a High School teacher, who spends a great deal of time outside of school watching movies, listening to music, and various other artistic ventures. The Oracle of Dreams is a pseudonym for reasons beyond her knowledge, and wishes to keep her identity secret...or until she makes big bucks and can leave the teaching can always dream bigger right?

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