30 Day Photography Challenge Day 20 – Bokeh


Day 20 - Bokeh

This is my first attempt at trying Bokeh.  I had to look up tips so I can get my camera, which still has the stock lens kit, to create a beautiful Bokeh effect.  This photograph is a sample of my rosary making skills, this was one of my first attempts and I’m very proud of it.  I like the way that the beads of the rosary give off that lovely bokeh lights, and how the crucifix is in sharp focus.

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 19 – Your Shoes

Your Shoe

Day 19 - Your Shoes

Unseasonably warm weather, results in awesome shoe wearing to the mall.  I can’t live without my Juliet 2 shoes, they are so comfortable that even a sunny day to church wouldn’t put any stress on my already hurt foot!

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 18 – Something Orange

Something Orange

Day 18 - Something Orange

I wanted to do another trip to the Antique Mall today just to take a photo of a nifty item that is orange, but alas, I have no means to take myself all the way out to Spring to take a photo of such an item.  So, in my own way, I decided to scavenge all 500 orange items in my room to see which would be the most photogenic (I have a problem with orange).   I ended up with this nifty little number you can purchase from Hobby Lobby for $9.99.  It takes a single AA battery, and it comes in lime, pink, orange, blue and black.  I got mine in orange because my room is an agglomeration of colors (mostly pink, yellow, green and orange) and objects that I find fascinating.   Enjoy!

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 17 – Technology


Day 17 - Technology

This is the image from my new, nifty, touch screen radio for my Matrix XR.  I had it set on scan where the colors change at random.  Enjoy!

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 16 – Long Exposure

Long Exposure

Day 16 - Long Exposure

So this is my first long-exposure image ever!  I’m not very good at it obviously, so I left the image unedited, except for cropping the image to fit better on my blog!  Any tips and tricks would be lovely, I use a Nikon D3100 and I have little to no money to spend.  My exposure was set to 30 seconds at f6.3 iso set to Hi 1.  Thanks for the help!

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 13 & 14 – 13 Things & Eyes

Day 13 – Yourself with 13 Things

Day 13 - Yourself with 13 things

I guess I’m too busy to remember to hit the “Publish” button every time I create some new photo for my challenge.  ANYWAY, here’s my 13 things photograph, this is actually a shot of a bookshelf I keep my most cherished items displayed for everyone to see.  If you have questions regarding anything in this photograph leave me a message!!

Day 14 – Eyes

Day 14 - Eyes

This challenge was hard for me.  I love taking photos of eyes, but when I take the photos, I have this problem where I manipulate them into something where they tell a story.  So I decided to go ahead and post one of my most favorite images of my eye.  This was based on a series called Amanda Fucking Palmer, and I created images based on my idea of what her songs mean.  This one was based on her solo albums opening track Astronaut.  This is my conception of losing a loved one because he just floated away into space.  Click the image to go to my DeviantArt page for more artistic goodness!

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 11 & 12 – Something Blue & Sunset

Post Edit: I thought I had hit the “Publish” button on Sunday, but I instead hit “Save Draft” SO expect another post very soon for Day 13!!!

Day 11 – Something Blue

Day 11 - Something Blue

This was taken at The Antique Mall on 2920 in Spring, Texas.  This beauty was a Civil War Chess Set that was marked at a whopping $300.  I took pictures because the pieces were absolutely precious and needed to be photographed.  These were obviously the Union Soldiers with their lovely Union Blue color.

Day 12 – Sunset

Day 12 - Sunset

This was taken several months ago at the Texas Renaissance Festival out in Magnolia, Texas.  This was at the Agora with the Gypsy Dance Theater group performing.  I love taking photos of these ladies, their costumes are beautiful and their dancing is hypnotic.  This was in fact taken at Sunset, but due to the fact that my hard drive is acting up and that Today was just a horribly gray day, I used this photo to duplicate the sky at sundown.  This was at their fire show at the end of the day, I highly suggest you see these ladies.

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 10 – Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

10 days already!!! I can’t believe it’s been that long, seriously, so far this project has felt like a whole month.  My schedule is tightening up, and my camera’s SD slot cover broke!  But I am still able to shoot and here are my childhood memories.  Everything you see in this photo are from my childhood, each has heartbreaking memory, happy ones, and ones that signal me when a new text message comes in.  Enjoy!

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 8 & 9 – Bad Habit and Someone You Love

Day 8 – A Bad Habit

A Bad Habit

While the topic is called A Bad Habit, I consider Bad Habits vices that we all as human beings have.  My personal Vice? Dr. Pepper, the horrible elixir of life that comprises of my blood and brain cells.  This loosing weight thing, has caused me to go down to one Dr. Pepper a day to the point where I’ll completely wean myself off this lovely tonic.

Day 9 – Someone You Love

Someone You Love

This was taken over a week ago, but due to the time constraints and the boyfriend’s complete refusal to my whims of taking photos of him, I have decided to go and post another Stormy Photo.  While her “Cone of Shame” has been removed, and her sutures are fixed, this photo was way to precious to squander in  the abyss of my terrabyte hard drive.  She was staring at the sun catcher outside as the little bits of pixellated sunlight danced across the ceiling of our awning.  She’s just way too adorable.  Believe it or not, she’s 6 months old!!!

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 7 – Fruit


Day 7 - Fruit

After a whole day of storms in the Houston Area, we were given a gift of sunlight this afternoon.  The orange trees in my backyard were looking a bit pitiful after the storms ravaged my area.  So I decided to take fruit that we purchased and placed them in the nice sunlight on my kitchen counter.  The Gala Apples were the most photogenic.