Photography Wednesday – 3

Two weekends ago, the boyfriend, a friend of his and I all wandered into a pet fair at the George R. Brown, and I spotted this little beauty! There were all sorts of beautiful birds, dogs, cats AND ferrets!!  It was a wonderful day, we got a list of Ferret Doctors for Dagger, and some very important information on owning a ferret.

Photography Wednesday – 2

Sleepy Stormy

This was taken with a 200mm lens (I GOT A NEW LENS!!!) with a shallow depth of field.  This kitty is so photogenic! If interested, this photo is up for sale at my deviantart account.

Photography Wednesday – 1

Photography Wednesday - Hands

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 21 – Faceless Self Portrait

I’m starting a new series called “Wednesday Photography” and I’ll be posting some of my favorite snapshots of the week so far.  As of now, I’ll be posting the last of my 30 Day Photography Challenge photos that I have not been able to post lately.

Faceless Self-Portrait

Faceless Self Portrait

This was a last-minute shot before the sun went down over the houses on my street.  I decided to take a picture of myself reading one of my favorite book series,The Vampire Diaries.  Ignore the fact that my laundry is piled in the corner.