Trip to Austin

The boyfriend and I are headed to Austin and we stopped by here:

And saw this:

Magic Hour filters were used


Trip to Austin

The boyfriend and I are headed to Austin and we stopped by here:

And saw this:

Magic Hour filters were used

Sorry for the delay…

I’m sorry I’ve been M.I.A. on the blog for a couple of weeks, it’s been hectic here in Oracle-land dealing with my sister’s wedding, school applications, and program and invitation designs.  Not only that, I’ve been teaching myself graphic design from some  I’m also trying to wait for my Sub-check to come in for me to buy a new book for my Paranormal Library series.  I have one I’ve been reading, but it’s just way too much information in a small package that I already know, so its been agonizing, but a great read nonetheless.  Also, I may post a complementary review on one of the books I have already written about.

Anyway, to pass the time before I post the last of my images from my 30 Photography Challenge and A Paranormal Library, I am going to post some of the most inspiring things I have found over the internet with LINKS!!!

  • I’ve been frequenting A Beautiful Messfor quite some time now, and here are some very inspiring D.I.Y. projects and crafts I have discovered since I’ve been reading about the work from Elsie and her crew!
    • I love this wall art made from paint swatches!  Believe it or not, I have a bunch of these guys in a drawer in my room!!
    • I keep going back to this Record Cabinet.  I have some ideas to use this as an impromptu jewelry supply and mini sewing machine storage!
    • Elsie had a sewing class on her blog, great for me since I have a new sewing machine to try out!  If you’re a newbie like me, try this Simple Cotton Top!
    • If my hair would cooperate, I would so do this hair style!
  • Pugly Pixel is a great resource for Photoshop items, and I find her blog highly inspiring for my artwork and blog!
    • These Handmade Envelopes inspired me to create and write a blog post on my sister’s Save the Date cards!
    • You can learn how to make your own Blog Post Layout!
    • There are also some downloadable’s for free or for those who are part of her membership (with a fee).
  • Of course there’s NubbyTwiglet who posts design advice in links loved and such for those who love graphic design or shoes.

Check out this Cosmopolitan, Las Vegas commercial, every time it comes on, I start dancing!!!

Isn’t that song is amazing!?!  Then check out Parov Stelar’s website and watch this awesome video..

That is it for me, till next time!!!

I know I haven’t been around lately….

Sorry for the many month delay on my blog, I’ve been very busy with two-jobs, a boyfriend that needs attention, and an increasing depression that won’t go away. So I’ve decided that I need to be constructive, and get my little ass in gear!

New Year’s Resolution!!!

    1. Lose Weight:  I know, I know, I know, that’s EVERYONE’s Resolution, but for me this is a must!  My sister’s wedding is in May, and we have SO MUCH to do that it is overwhelming the entire family.  Each of us has our own problems to worry about and I know that for all three of us, our Lets-lose-our-lazy-weight is on that list of worry.  Right now, I have my sights set on this beautiful wrapped dress from Alfred Angelo, but I’m still hoping to find a pretty vintage dress for me to use in the Wedding.  My sister wants me to design my outfit from one of the Villians from various Disney Movies, and the dress I’m thinking of will need for me to be very fit and my legs toned…Ooh La! La!  Now, here’s MY To-Do list for the Wedding:
      1. Make my sister’s Lasso – I got the design drawn, I need monetary approval from the parents, then I’ll have my blessing to work my magic!!
      2. Get framing options from Hobby Lobby for my sister’s Bridal Portrait, and give a surprise gift of their Engagement photo in a pretty frame.
      3. Work on the bride’s maids’ jewelry, basic prices, nothing too expensive.  I have the designs, I just need to finish Jasmine’s design, and then I’ll be in business!
      4. Lose Weight! Lose Weight! Lose Weight!
    2. Keep Organized: Another one of those things were EVERYONE makes this resolution, and EVERYONE breaks them!  I may have a moon in Virgo or something, because I cannot stand to have my room, or my life in an unorganized mess!  I don’t organize every aspect of my life, if I get the item done to day or tomorrow (depending on the item) then its done!  But I do need SOME structure and without teaching, I need that more than ever, or I’d be falling into the case of the Dulldrums ::insert Phantom Tollboothreference here::  I recently purchased a Moleskine journal from Barnes and Noble, and I got the 12-month Weekly Notebook with lines on the right hand side for list making.  I wasn’t sure if I needed the lists or not, but as of a week into this planner (the first week was December 26th – January 1st), I have made a full switch from my Day Runner Poetica planners to Moleskine.  Not only should I be organized on the daily life front, but monetarily, I downloaded some good checkbook and credit card programs to keep my monies in order for my phone.  Will this organization system work?  I hope so….

      12 months - Weekly Notebook - Black soft cover - Large

      This is the one I purchased from

    3. Craft Once a Week: Since I left Hobby Lobby, I’ve chosen a task for me to try, I will post one Crafty item on my blog.  Be it from another blog that I would like to try out, or from my own devious mind, I would like to craft!  From coloring everyday in grade school, to picking out clothes, and making Oboe reeds, clay sculptors and designing on the computer, I am a very handy person!  If it’s crafting for my sister’s wedding, or for personal use, I will post it on my blog.
    4. Apply, Apply, Apply!: I have made a list of places I need to apply at once school starts.  This will be done every day, for one school district and one Business.  Whomever calls first and offers me a job will be what I do until I have enough to move out….again.
    5. 30 Day Photography Challenge:  While this was started last year, I felt that this New Year could use some fun to start off with, and what better way than with one of my first loves, Photography.  It was a list started last year, and I thought it could be used to chronicle the first month of the new year.  I know I’m a few days late, but I figured better late than never!  Here’s the list of things that this Challenge will have, and I’ll post on Facebook and here for your viewing pleasure!

      Click the image to go to the blog site!

I hope everyone has had a good New Year! What are some of your resolutions for this year!



The Oracle of Dreams

When You Go Vintage Shopping…

My sis, the Boyfriend and I went vintage shopping in the Heights down here in Houston on Wednesday.  And while I usually am able to go into a vintage store and find things that interest me, I always seem to get distracted by the very unusual things these stores sell.  See, I tend to gravitate towards creepy things when I go Vintage Shopping, and I go into every antique store and Vintage dress shop I can find.  What I found on Wednesday was beyond creepy, I had to take a picture of them.

Watch Instantly on Netflix

Before I start, the boyfriend and I recently started our “Horror Movie Month” with this really strange flick called The Dolls on Netflix. The storyline starts with a recently married Divorcee, his new wife, and daughter from a previous marriage, were all caught in a storm and had to take shelter in a creepy old victorian (like every movie that starts like this), where an old doll maker and his wife were preparing for dinner.  After giving the daughter, who happens to have an overactive imagination (probably from the fact that the father is an asshole to her), a doll, the Dollmaker then allows a Gentleman and two girls (80’s punk rockers) to stay the night along with the troubled family. Well, it turns out that the dolls that are everywhere in the Dollmaker’s house are alive and only the girl and the gentelman are the ones who are not effected by the creepy dolls.

What does this have to do with my vintage shopping on Wednesday?  Well, I came across some really creepy dolls at this one place that I just HAD to take a picture.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

All the images were taken on my crappy camera phone, but as you can see, that doesn’t even begin to describe the weirdness that are these images!

Dreamers, have you ever gone Vintage Shopping and found something so creepy, you just had to take a picture?  If so, want to share them?


The Halloween obsessed, Oracle of Dreams

Darkness Labyrinth

A Poem I Texted to the Boyfriend after a severe emotional breakdown a couple days ago. Sometimes writing helps sorts out my feelings, and gives me clarity in a time of need. The following was a free write in class the other day and it just seemed to make alot of sense.

I hurt,
I’m broken.
I don’t feel like there is a place for me in this world.

I cry,
I pray.
But no answers come.

The choice is mine,
But sometimes I can’t choose because of too many words in my head.
Telling me I can’t
Or they won’t hire,
Or you’re worthless.

Pain is all around me,
And I can’t shake it off.

Jest words sting.
And the Shields I used to have don’t work.
Everything stings.
Is there going to be a light at the end of the dark tunnel?
Or am I going to travel life in the Darkness Labyrinth.
No way out.
Full of pain.
Never Ending.

The Emotionally tired, Oracle of Dreams

Back to School…. Back to School….

I was hoping that I would post some amazing summer vacation photos and such, but time got away from me.  I lost my teaching position to cut backs in the Texas State Government, spent all summer trying to obtain a position, and ended up working back at Hobby Lobby in the Framing Department, and re-applied as a Substitute Teacher in the Cypress-Fairbanks School District, and I’ll work part-time at night at Hobby Lobby to pay off a car I had purchased, because my trustworthy 1995 Honda Odyssey Van went to see St. Peterbuilt at the pearly garage gates in the sky.  I ended up purchasing a 2004 Toyota Matrix, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It doesn’t need much work, but I am planning on doing some major engine and exterior remodeling on the car very soon (it’s so great to be dating a mechanic!!).

Michigan Trip 2011

My trip to Michigan was amazing, and I’ll plan on doing a post about that now that I’ll have some down time during classes to work on stuff like that.  I’ll talk about some amazing vintage stores, great foods, and of course my friends.  I’ll do this while watching the students do their busy work.  Yes, it sounds a bit lazy, but for the most part I’ll be subbing at my old school, and those kids’ listen to me…I hope….

Wedding 2012

Wedding 2012 Countdown begins as the school year starts, my sister’s wedding is in May, and we’re now starting the final countdown for floral arrangements, dresses, shoes, weight-loss, hair (if I have any left), dates, and surprise wedding festivities the boy and I are arranging with some friends of ours.  I’m on keyboards, The boy on lead guitar, our friend Jimmy on bass, and we still need a rhythm guitarist and a drummer, if you live in the Jersey Village area of Houston, Texas, and can play either instrument, just let me know.  You have to have an interest in all different types of music from Tejano to Indie Rock, we’re going to rock their socks off!  It’s a surprise, so don’t tell anyone!  I’ll keep you posted on the wedding details, the plans, the dresses, the weight-loss, the song list for surprise concert and any other tidbits of fun wedding related activities.  If all goes well, we may become a wedding band and do everything from Tex-Mex weddings to same-sex weddings to Klingon weddings.

A Paranormal Library

I spent all summer reading and listening to Podcasts.  I’m currently addicted to Jim Harold’s Paranormal Podcast, Campfire, Paranormal Report, and Weird News Radio.  I’m trying to save up for his Paranormal Plus club for the 79.95 price for a whole year…I hope I can get it.

Anyway, check him out, and while listening to his podcasts, he has authors and such come up  and give a premise on their books. From there, I’ve been stock piling numerous amounts of books that I have found, and I’ve been making my own paranormal reference library picking authors I like from the suggestions on the Paranormal Podcast, and either purchasing them at Half Price Books, or on my Nook, depending on the price of course!  In any case, Every Friday, I’ll pick one of these books to do a post on, and give my review of them, and others that I have found on my own.

Other podcasts I like are

Hometown Tales

Coast to Coast – there are some art bell classics updated on ITunes for free, other than that you do have to pay.

That’s the most of this update I’ll be doing, I’ll start posting everyday while I”m subbing, letting you guys know how it feels to go back to substitute teaching, the job search, everything that can possibly be me.

Dreamers, what are your back to school plans?

The Educational, Oracle of Dreams

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