Photography Wednesday – 7


This was taken at Comicpalooza here in Houston. It was part of a scavenger hunt that was hosted by a vendor. I took this photo as a promo for the Vendor Geek Life. Check them out!

P.S. It’ll be a bit skimpy on content for the next few weeks as I assimilate into my new job as a Business Assistant.

Photography Wednesday – 7



These lovely dolls were taken at an antique store in the Heights, they were the most creepy dolls I could find.  Just click the pictures for a larger view. I’m trying to set up something where I’ll be able to sell them online.  I know they’re grainy, they were taken on my phone (I seem to keep forgetting to take my camera), but I hope you enjoy their creepieness!

When You Go Vintage Shopping Pt. 2 or how I started to like creepy dolls

The Boyfriend and I went vintage shopping again on Sunday, looking for a jacket that could be described as “Mobster” for our Halloween idea.  While we cannot find the perfect jacket, we were able to find some more amazingly scary dolls.  Behold your eyes to the scary dolls part 2!

To be completely honest, along with clowns, the dark, and other random phobias (or fears for those who want to get technical), I do get the creeps from weird looking dolls, to the point where I would walk away from a creepy doll and take the long way to an item I want to see.  What I have found lately though, is to take pictures of creepy dolls, and see if this would make my fear go away.  So far…this system has been working, and I have found myself LOOKING for creepy dolls to amass a giant collection and post them on my art site.  The joyful wanderings of Antique stores and vintage stores has been a wonderful experience, and if I can remember, the next time I go vintage shopping, I’ll HAVE to bring my DSLR camera and take better quality photos than my 3.1 MP phone camera.  Imagine! Creepy dolls in 12.0 HD MP goodness, think of the fear I’ll bring to the hearts of the three readers that read this blog! MUWHAHAHA!

Sorry, got away there for a second.  In retrospect, I started doing the same thing with clowns, and nearly had a panic attack just trying to get near this creepy death stare clown in the same location of these dolls.  My boyfriend was encouraging me the entire way, until I nearly fainted once I got my hand close enough to take the picture.  In the near coma state I put myself in, I had imagined my hand bitten off by the clown and me bleeding from the bloody stump as my shocked boyfriend beat the ceramic clown to smithereens, but the clown kept piecing itself back together showing us that my boyfriend’s efforts were for not, and we should get the hell out of that store.  For those concerned, I have spent years in therapy (4 since it was free at my college) to get over this clown phobia and short of hypnosis, I think I’ll just explain that my fear is based on a past life as one of John Wayne Gacy’s victims.  Interestingly, the numbers in his address keep appearing everywhere in my life…coincidence? I would like to think not, but it is highly possible.

Now, back to the dolls, I got bored on Monday night and spent an hour editing the photo I took of Creepy Doll 1.  My sister was quite unhappy that her new kitten (story to come after Halloween), was sitting in my lap as I happily clicked around Photoshop to create this haunting image.  My sister is another Creepy Doll Phobic, so she promptly grabbed our nine week old kitten and sat her away from my screen and started watching Frasier on Netflix.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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The Doll Obsessed, Oracle of Dreams

When You Go Vintage Shopping…

My sis, the Boyfriend and I went vintage shopping in the Heights down here in Houston on Wednesday.  And while I usually am able to go into a vintage store and find things that interest me, I always seem to get distracted by the very unusual things these stores sell.  See, I tend to gravitate towards creepy things when I go Vintage Shopping, and I go into every antique store and Vintage dress shop I can find.  What I found on Wednesday was beyond creepy, I had to take a picture of them.

Watch Instantly on Netflix

Before I start, the boyfriend and I recently started our “Horror Movie Month” with this really strange flick called The Dolls on Netflix. The storyline starts with a recently married Divorcee, his new wife, and daughter from a previous marriage, were all caught in a storm and had to take shelter in a creepy old victorian (like every movie that starts like this), where an old doll maker and his wife were preparing for dinner.  After giving the daughter, who happens to have an overactive imagination (probably from the fact that the father is an asshole to her), a doll, the Dollmaker then allows a Gentleman and two girls (80’s punk rockers) to stay the night along with the troubled family. Well, it turns out that the dolls that are everywhere in the Dollmaker’s house are alive and only the girl and the gentelman are the ones who are not effected by the creepy dolls.

What does this have to do with my vintage shopping on Wednesday?  Well, I came across some really creepy dolls at this one place that I just HAD to take a picture.

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All the images were taken on my crappy camera phone, but as you can see, that doesn’t even begin to describe the weirdness that are these images!

Dreamers, have you ever gone Vintage Shopping and found something so creepy, you just had to take a picture?  If so, want to share them?


The Halloween obsessed, Oracle of Dreams