DIY Oracle – Valentine’s Mailbox

Valentine’s Mailbox

My mother made these for her students for their Valentine’s Day cards and candy, and I thought they were so cute, that I thought it’d be a great thing to make to hold those special cards or cute photos you received throughout the year!  I’m not a Valentine’s Day supporter, after experiencing the same holiday in October dubbed “Sweetest Day,” I have sort of become a Scrooge at Valentine’s.  I feel that everyday should be a Valentine’s Day, why should ONE day (or two depending where you are) determine how much you love someone or how much someone loves you.  My boyfriend and I do sweet things to each other everyday and, if you’re like us, accumulate a ton of sweet things from your sweetie, so this cute little mail box is for you!  She got this off the internet, but my subsequent searches showed little in the way of finding the person who thought this up.  If you know who did this, please let me know so I can properly credit.

Also, check out Gala Darling’s post on Valentine’s Love, see why I find her so Inspirational!!!

Supplies: 2 Paper Plates, Ruler/Tape Measure, Yarn in “Love Colors,” Glue, Scissors, Paper or Foam Hearts, Markers, and Crayons. Not pictured but needed: hole puncher! Glitter optional.

  1. Take one paper plate (I used the Styrofoam kind) and using your tape measure, measure out the exact half of the plate (this was 4.5 inches).  Once you have your measurements, make a line and cut the paper plate in half (I used a box cutter to make a straighter edge).
  2. Carefully punch holes into the scalloped edge of the paper plate.  Make sure that they are somewhat in line with each other, because the 80’s styled puncher I used couldn’t fit the paper plate edge.
  3. Take your yarn and I measured two arm’s lengths wide, and fold the length of yarn in half and wrap the yarn through the punched holes.  I even tied the end in a bow for a cuter effect.  Continue until you get to the end, create a bow and cut the excess.  You can use the excess for the hanger.
  4. Decorate as you wish, I made a heart template from one of my paper hearts, and used glue (E6000 though it’s not very tacky for glitter).  I also took the paper hearts, outlined with markers and colored them with crayon and wrote messages in the hearts.  I then glued the hearts near my glitter heart.  Also, to define my somewhat crappy glitter heart, I took a pink paint pen and outlined the heart with my pen.

Once you’re done with all this, hang as you please in your area, I put it next to my jewelry counter near my bedroom.




PS. Wait till you see what these shiny pretty pieces are for!

My Week 8/29 – 9/2

Public Scrutiny

It’s been a crazy week.  I’ve been dealing with somethings at school regarding an accident from last year where two boys from our school were supposedly racing and hit another student’s mini van driven by his mother with his six-year old sister in the back.  The damage was far to coincidental to be just 55 mph, and all three passengers in the minivan died.  The boys were convicted today of Manslaughter, and the sentencing was, according to many, very, very lenient.  Now we have to be on extra high alert (even as a sub) because the separation between the have’s and have-nots are pretty distinct, and the students have polarized themselves and fights may occur because of this.

You can follow the happenings below:

Houston Chronicle 1

Houston Chronicle 2

Houston Chronicle 3

Stupid Kids

Hobby Lobby this past week has been crazy, I’ve had customers who were adult teenagers who couldn’t figure where things are, they weren’t happy with anything I was doing, and while not taking it personally, its hard to ignore what happened the other day.

While I was working in the frame shop, stapling away into a frame, a little boy walks into the frame shop and asks “Can I help you?”  No older than 7 I knew he couldn’t be in the shop, so I told him politely “You can’t be back here, there are sharp things that you can hurt yourself on.”  The little boy then looked at me square in the face and said “YOU CAN’T TELL ME WHAT TO DO!!!!” and proceeds to run out of the shop.  His mother then looked at me and said “There’s no sign saying ‘Employees Only’ so he can go back there if he wants.”  Shocked I just shook it off, dealing with teenagers is one thing, but a parent who won’t reprimand the child who walks into a part of the store that is dangerous, and doesn’t acknowledge that it is dangerous because there should be an employees only sign is ludicrous!  Not only that, but the boy got away from the mother again, and proceeded to punch the time clock.  Not punching in numbers, but full fist to the time clock, trying to knock it down!  The manager stepped in an asked the lady to leave if she could not control her son.  I told him what had happened and he put people to watch the little boy, so he wouldn’t make any trouble, and he continued, by getting away from his mother again, and taking scissors from the drawers in Fabrics, and cutting Fabric on the bolts!  The manager then asked her to leave the store…needless to say she wasn’t happy.  I had to write an incident report since I saw everything…yay!

A Paranormal Library Update

Since my post on Possession was a bomb, I created a better system in regards to writing reviews on Paranormal books that I have read.  The first is a series of disclaimers.  I do enjoy reading about the Paranormal, but many may be curious as to how I use the term Paranormal.

According to

Paranormal: n. Not scientifically explainable

The modern use of the term “Paranormal” is always synonymous with the Supernatural ie, ghosts, goblins, vampires, werewolves, etc.  In my Paranormal Library, I will use the term “Paranormal” as an umbrella for things that science either chooses to ignore with evidence, or just plan we-can’t-figure-this-stuff-out! So I’ll cover things like conspiracy theories, ghosts, vampires, Folklore, and other things that some might not perceive as paranormal, and I do include serial killers, because those guys are beyond normal.

Also, I have purchased all my books for my Paranormal Library, I find them through different means, and while I do listen to Jim Harold, I am in no way getting paid for my endorsements.  I happened across his podcasts on iTunes, and just ended up liking him.  I also do not receive any endorsement from the books I review, since the authors have no clue that I’m writing on their book.

I also will like to notify people, that while I do love reading the paranormal, there are things that people say that I just plain don’t agree with, and the quotes from the books are that of the authors, and they may or may not reflect my opinions.  There are times where I just can’t believe the author is stating what they want us to state, but they do have a right to make it, and I have a right to disagree with it, so please do not bombard me with arguments on the statements, they are not of my opinion, I’m just reading books that interest me, nothing more.

Jewelry Update

I may be far and few between with posts in the coming future, I’m going to sell rosaries at my Church’s Fall Festival in October, with nifty business cards and the whole nine yards.  So in the process of making these rosaries, I will need all the time in the world, but I will post pictures of my rosaries and some jewelry I have made.  I am NOT a master jewelry maker, but I do love the craft and hope to start a rosary/jewelry business soon!  More to come on that!

That’s my update for now!  I am still searching for a job, and Wedding 2012 is starting to kick its feet up with some serious weight-loss, song list planning, and the search for a guitarist and drummer is still going on.  If you’re any of these, and don’t mind playing random songs from Slayer to Spice Girls and Tejano please send me a comment, we need the help!!


The very busy Oracle of Dreams