DIY Oracle – Valentine’s Mailbox

Valentine’s Mailbox

My mother made these for her students for their Valentine’s Day cards and candy, and I thought they were so cute, that I thought it’d be a great thing to make to hold those special cards or cute photos you received throughout the year!  I’m not a Valentine’s Day supporter, after experiencing the same holiday in October dubbed “Sweetest Day,” I have sort of become a Scrooge at Valentine’s.  I feel that everyday should be a Valentine’s Day, why should ONE day (or two depending where you are) determine how much you love someone or how much someone loves you.  My boyfriend and I do sweet things to each other everyday and, if you’re like us, accumulate a ton of sweet things from your sweetie, so this cute little mail box is for you!  She got this off the internet, but my subsequent searches showed little in the way of finding the person who thought this up.  If you know who did this, please let me know so I can properly credit.

Also, check out Gala Darling’s post on Valentine’s Love, see why I find her so Inspirational!!!

Supplies: 2 Paper Plates, Ruler/Tape Measure, Yarn in “Love Colors,” Glue, Scissors, Paper or Foam Hearts, Markers, and Crayons. Not pictured but needed: hole puncher! Glitter optional.

  1. Take one paper plate (I used the Styrofoam kind) and using your tape measure, measure out the exact half of the plate (this was 4.5 inches).  Once you have your measurements, make a line and cut the paper plate in half (I used a box cutter to make a straighter edge).
  2. Carefully punch holes into the scalloped edge of the paper plate.  Make sure that they are somewhat in line with each other, because the 80’s styled puncher I used couldn’t fit the paper plate edge.
  3. Take your yarn and I measured two arm’s lengths wide, and fold the length of yarn in half and wrap the yarn through the punched holes.  I even tied the end in a bow for a cuter effect.  Continue until you get to the end, create a bow and cut the excess.  You can use the excess for the hanger.
  4. Decorate as you wish, I made a heart template from one of my paper hearts, and used glue (E6000 though it’s not very tacky for glitter).  I also took the paper hearts, outlined with markers and colored them with crayon and wrote messages in the hearts.  I then glued the hearts near my glitter heart.  Also, to define my somewhat crappy glitter heart, I took a pink paint pen and outlined the heart with my pen.

Once you’re done with all this, hang as you please in your area, I put it next to my jewelry counter near my bedroom.




PS. Wait till you see what these shiny pretty pieces are for!