A Paranormal Library – Change From the Norm

I am not changing the format of A Paranormal Library, I will still review those paranormal books that attract my fancy, that won’t ever change, but I’m just adding a new aspect to the column.  Since I have had time on my hands after the layoff from school, I have been reading a good ton of Paranormal Books.  Most of the books I’ve read have prompted me to explore the realms of Paranormal Investigation.

See, I’ve been reading about the paranormal since I was very, very young, and I haven’t changed my mind on the paranormal except for the fact that I’ve become more skeptic than my younger-self.  While I have all this extra time on my hands, I decided that maybe I should go on some personal investigations in supposedly haunted locations.  As of now, I’m in correspondence with Lloyd Auerbach and Jeff Belanger in regards to Legend Tripping and small investigations with my boyfriend and how to go about it safely and legally.

Patterson Road

Patterson Road

Anyway, the reason behind this move forward was inspired by my former students.  See, they finally found out about my blog and realized that I’m interested in the paranormal.  They began to describe some experiences they had on a stretch of road called Patterson Road.  They then encouraged me to go an see what may occur at Patterson Rd, while trying to be a good teacher that listens to her students interests, I couldn’t help but write down the location with the intent of researching the legend and the Road.

The Legend

Patterson Road is located between Highway 6 and Eldridge in Houston. This place is rumored to be the site of a Civil War battle and the bridge closest to Eldridge is haunted. If you park in the center of the bridge and turn your car off there will begin to be tapping noises all over your car. They aren’t just the sounds of your car settling. They are mostly on the sides and the back of the car. It is said to be the spirits of the soldiers who died. Be careful, this road is absolutely pitch black at night, however you can see cars coming from either direction at quite a distance.  

From: Strange USA

The Research

I did some of my own research regarding the idea that there was a Civil War battle in this area of Texas.  I know some Professors and Civil War buffs, they all agreed that there were no other skirmishes in the area other than Sabine, Galveston and Palmito.  Now, there were some Civil War infantries in Texas that were battling Indians in the area.  So it is possible that the area around Bear Creek was an old battle site between soldiers from the Civil War era and the native Karankawas.  This would explain the war drums, the running footsteps and gunshots.  Again, this is just my personal research, there could have been a minor skirmish of the Civil War in the area, but prospects are unlikely.

What I did find interesting though, was that there has been a number of traffic accidents in the Hwy. 6/Patterson Rd. area, some with fatalities:

The Following Information is from City-Data.com

    • Feb 13, 2008 02:40 AM, Eldridge, Patterson, Lat: 29.812944, Lon: -95.617275, Vehicles: 2, Persons: 2, Fatalities:1
    • Jun 8, 1991 06:30 AM, Patterson, Vehicles: 1, Persons: 1, Fatalities: 1, Drunken drivers:1
    • Sep 10, 1989 09:30 AM, Patterson, Vehicles: 2, Persons: 5, Fatalities: 2, Drunken drivers:1

I’m sure there’s more, but I have exhausted the Google Monster and the City of Houston.

The Oracle is Insane

Why did I do all this research?  What possessed me to spend time researching a stretch of road so infamous by teenagers?  Simple answer is, I’m curious.  I am planning a trip with some of my skeptical friends just to see what is up with this area. I will take pictures, video and sound recordings and post what I do or do not have.  I’m not taking this adventure to prove the existence of ghosts, or that something is going on at Patterson Rd., I’m taking this trip to continue my personal education in the paranormal and document what happens or didn’t happen.  Maybe I’ll take more trips to this location to see if we get the same experience every single time, or just to prove that I am absolutely crazy.  We’ll see.

Dreamers, what is your opinion regarding ghosts?  Have you been to Patterson Rd. in Houston, Texas?  Have you been on a Legend Trip/Ghost Hunt/Crypto (Monster) Hunt?