Photography Wednesday – 7


This was taken at Comicpalooza here in Houston. It was part of a scavenger hunt that was hosted by a vendor. I took this photo as a promo for the Vendor Geek Life. Check them out!

P.S. It’ll be a bit skimpy on content for the next few weeks as I assimilate into my new job as a Business Assistant.

Photography Wednesday – 7



These lovely dolls were taken at an antique store in the Heights, they were the most creepy dolls I could find.  Just click the pictures for a larger view. I’m trying to set up something where I’ll be able to sell them online.  I know they’re grainy, they were taken on my phone (I seem to keep forgetting to take my camera), but I hope you enjoy their creepieness!

Photography Wednesday – 6

This is the newest edition to the menagerie of birds that frequent our feeder.  He’s a brand new baby Cardnial…I know he doesn’t look like a baby, but he is, his parents were not too far away, keeping a weary eye out for the monster that is my cat.  I am worried about him though, he’s not afraid of us humans.

Photography Wednesday – 5

Photography Wednesday – 4

Photography Wednesday #4 – Aphid Attack and a hungry Ladybug

Sorry for the late response to this day’s Photography Wednesday, but I was waiting for these little Hibiscus beauties to open, and to my surprise, we have an infestation of Aphids, and to the rescue is a happy little, but hungry Ladybug!

30 Day Photography Challenge Day 21 – Faceless Self Portrait

I’m starting a new series called “Wednesday Photography” and I’ll be posting some of my favorite snapshots of the week so far.  As of now, I’ll be posting the last of my 30 Day Photography Challenge photos that I have not been able to post lately.

Faceless Self-Portrait

Faceless Self Portrait

This was a last-minute shot before the sun went down over the houses on my street.  I decided to take a picture of myself reading one of my favorite book series,The Vampire Diaries.  Ignore the fact that my laundry is piled in the corner.